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We specialize in local listings management. We help customers - and search engines - find your business online wherever they’re looking. We want to help you reach local customers and maximize your traffic and lead volume.

That’s why we use all four major data aggregators and over 250 sources, including the most popular online directories. Ensuring all that data takes time, which is why our transparent reporting tools provide you with an easy dashboard to check in and take action throughout your company’s life.


We know how difficult it can be to claim a location, remove a duplicate, verify your Google listing, fill out a profile, and manage your data across hundreds of sources. Our mission is to improve the accuracy, visibility, and completeness of your local listings. Our reporting makes it easy to monitor the status of those listings and track your online presence.


Keep track of our efforts and your listings anytime, from any device.

Why are Local Listings Important? 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. That search engine, and many mobile apps, relies on location data to deliver the right results. That means that without accurate and consistent listings, buyers can’t find you. But they are finding your competitors.


When your listings are accurate and visible, more buyers can find you. And that means better business. Handling your data across directories, websites, and data aggregators can take hours of works and hundreds of dollars. A strong Local SEO presence will reap those rewards with increased lead volume and conversion opportunities – but why not save the stress, headaches, and time with a one-stop one-step solution? Let Local Perceptions do the hard work for you.

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